• Acacia Concinna Shampoo

    Since ancient times, Acacia Concinna has historically been used for hair care in the Indian Subcontinent. Traditionally used as a soap, Acacia Concinna is also applied to Artificial Ayurvedic Shampoos. It includes various acacia Concinna benefits for hair that soothe the skin, battles dandruff, nourishes follicles, cleans hair, adds shine, prevents hair loss from grays, curbs hair loss, and prevents lice.

  • Ginger Shampoo

    Ginger tends to stimulate hair follicles, stimulating hair growth in effect. Daily use of Ginger Shampoo is an effective way to improve scalp blood circulation. It’s a centuries-old practice that comes from Ayurvedic medicine that is being used as a hair treatment. Dandruff regulation is an everyday use of Ayurvedic for Ginger.

  • Gooseberry Shampoo

    Gooseberry Shampoo contains an essential wealth of skin botanicals. Gooseberry has been shown to thicken and improve the weight of the body. And in Ayurvedic medicine, Gooseberry has an incredible 3,000-year history of successful hair and scalp care. It is laden with calcium, vitamin C, vitamins, and amino acids.

  • Organic Moisturizing Cream

    Xord Organic Moisturizing Cream provides a superior system of extra-strength emollients and humectants that provide hydration for the whole day after only one application. The rich cream is made of rapidly absorbing and healing skin that is damaged by exposure and is stressed by the environment.

  • Papaya Shampoo

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    Papaya shampoo offers numerous hair care benefits that can be achieved through regular fruit consumption or through the use of hair care products that contain Papaya as their main ingredient.

  • Turmeric Shampoo

    Turmeric shampoo is widely used for cooking in both the raw as well as the powdered form and many forms of skincare. Numerous antioxidants, as well as antibacterial properties, have been known to contain turmeric. Giving you fantastic skin benefits. The health of skin and body. For decades, turmeric has been used as an antibacterial agent. For decades, turmeric has been used as an antibacterial agent.