About Us

XORD Cosmetics

Xord Cosmetics are skin care manufactures that has focused on continual improvements and upgrading. Ranging from lotion to shampoo and everything else we have the best team of professionals who know how to improve the skincare for our clients. With a proven track record of immense success in the market, we penetrated Xord Cosmetics now has become an internationally trusted Skin Care brand.


Xord Cosmetic hasn’t let any client expectation down yet. This has been due to our extremely professional and experienced team of researches and skincare specialist. We are the pioneers of bringing innovation and natural ingredients together, and we are still working on the same. The combination of the same is tested throughout the world in living and physical clinical researches all around the world to ensure the safety of our target market.


We design each product with the intent to make it the best. From long-term repair effects to anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, moisturising and care against the environmental damage. We care for your skin and hair more than you do.

All the products that we make are highly researched, tested and contains 100 per cent Active herbal ingredients to get all the harms of the environment to be reduced on your skin and hair. Moreover, everything we create synergies and complements each other for optimal hair and skincare.