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The Benefits of Organic Shampoo

Shampoo can cause beyond imagination health consequences, but there is a solution to everything. For this problem, organic shampoo could be the best solution. The organic shampoo could be a bit more expensive than the traditional brands, but surely they are better than having a damaged scalp. If your hair has been damaged by using the cheap shampoo, try something organic for the required vitalizing.

Organic Herbal Shampoo

Better, shinier and soft hair is what you can get with an organic herbal shampoo. Our organic herbal shampoo is the perfect solution for all your hair damage problems. The chemical-free natural shampoo can nourish your hair and make their growth and health to become amazing. So are you coming to try us?

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Xord Cream

Organic Shampoo

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Harbal Shampo

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  • Goose berry for Anti-Dandruff
  • Ginger for Hair loss
  • Papaya for natural protein
  • Acacia concinna for natural shine
  • Turmeric for scalp protection

Product Benefits

  • Strengthening hair roots and scalp
  • Promoting shine
  • Tangle-free hair without conditioner

Lotion for Women for Dry & Normal Skin

Make your skin glow from head to toe with our special organic skincare lotion. It is non-toxic and 100% Natural. You can use to nourish, cleanse, appease and moisturize your skin.

Your skin cannot analyze between damaging and beneficial products, and thus, it is you who has to care about it. We have taken this to the next level, and our all-natural lotion is the best solution for it.

Face Cream

From wrinkles to fine lines, everything could go away with Xord Moisturizing cream. We help to keep your skin supple throughout the year, and this extremely effective cream could be used for all kinds of skin and all kinds of weather, including dry and cold climates. This gluten-free cream is in your range and pocket-friendly.

Xord Cosmetics

We have the best skin care products available. The ingredients used throughout are organic and natural as we firmly believe that natural ingredients bring the beauty that you need. All our products are thus organic, natural and sustainably produced with cruelty-free qualities.

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